Self Care

Self-care – Why is it so important?

Mental health issues are largely preventable with proper self-care. A good self-care plan can help you to manage stress, boost your productivity and wellbeing.

It is important to fill your day with pleasant activities. Pleasant activities promote positive thoughts and thus to build hope. It brings significant changes to your brain chemistry and produces those neurotransmitters (found in between brain cells) which are responsible for the sense of happiness. When you engage in pleasant activities daily, it boosts your immune system to fight against diseases and also brings positive thoughts and attitude. A healthy mind is very resistant to stress and consequently achieve optimum mental health.

Neurotransmitters found in between the brain cells

Why hesitate, add some of these pleasant activities to your diary;

  • Morning walk:Start your day with 10-20 minutes of morning walk (Helps to clear your mind)
  • Meditate:Releases a lot of endorphins into your brain producing a sense of calmness and control.  (You can find some audio clips on how to meditate in the resources section of this website)
  • Music:Listening to music (a natural way to produce dopamine(Neurotransmitter) for harmless excitement)
  • Lunch:Avoid spending a whole day at your work desk. Why not taking a lunch outside and enjoy! (removing the scenery and stimulate your taste buds even for a short period of time can enhance your mood)
  • Gifts:Plan a surprise gift to those who are special to you (A good way to enhance the feeling of thrill in a safe way)
  • Act of Compassion:Feed the homeless (Act of compassion is the key to happiness)
  • Smile: Smile, whenever you can even if you don’t feel like (the stretch of the muscles around your lips when you smile trick with your brain chemicals) Try now!
  • Exercise: Exercises promote the production of endorphins (Neurotransmitters). It helps you to reduce stress, calms overactive brain, reduces rumination and worries and promotes healthy body and mind.
  • Have a bed time routine:A good night sleep can influence your body’s metabolism greatly. Practices sleep hygiene. (Sleep hygiene resources can be accessible in this website)

Well! The list is never ending. Why not exploring and making a list of your own pleasure activities, which are unique to you. A good search in the google can also give you hundreds of ideas. Let the fun of planning begin!