When it comes to mental health, educating yourself is the key. You can find information on a number of mental health conditions that insight clinic offers treatment for and helpful information, audio transcripts and links have been uploaded here for your use. Start browsing!

Depressive Disorders There are various types of Depressive Disorders and the symptom presentations vary from minor impact to very severe impact in an individual’s functioning. It is helpful to know the different types and their symptoms for better management. Major Depression or simply ‘depression’ – this type of depression usually involves ongoing low mood and lack […]

What is Stress? Stress is a natural response to human body resulted from challenging and demanding life situations. A reasonable level of stress can be productive. For example, some level of stress help you to get through your day, including, waking up in the morning, get through your chores, attending work on time, meeting a […]

What is Anxiety? Anxiety is body’s response to real or imagined fear. When the body gets confronted with fear, you might experience the following symptoms; Increased heart rate Rapid breathing Sweaty palms Butterflies in your stomach Dizziness Nauseous Feeling of blood rushing through your body Everybody feels anxious at times and this is normal and […]

Suicide is a major growing health concern in Australia. As per the Australian State and Territory suicide data 2016 over a five year period from 2012 to 2016, the average number of suicide deaths per year was 2,795. Suicide is approximately three times higher in males, which is consistent across every state and territory of […]

A person who suffers from disenfranchised grief believes that their grief is unacceptable and wrong and they are not allowed to grieve. They also experience a lot of shame in talking about the grief and fear judgment from others. This makes the grief prolonged and long lasting. People at times experience an unbearable amount of emotional […]